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Rockett Mark Sampson Revolver

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Rockett Mark Sampson Revolver gives you a combination of AC30-style sound, tremolo and Magnatone-style vibe. The pedal has two outputs to drive to different amps.

  • Controls:
    Volume: Sets the output volume level. There is a lot of boost available, so you can drive your amp hard to get dirty Leslie-type sounds whtn the vibe mode is on.
    Tone: Highly efficient tone control, gets brighter towards 5 o'clock.
    Speed: Controls the speed of vibe/tremolo
    Depth: Controls the depth of vibe/tremolo. When this control is set to 5 o'clock (or close to it) with two amps you can hear the vibe sounds swirling around you with power.
    Standard/Pitch Mono/Stereo switch: This switch has two functions, depending of if the pedal is in boost mode or in vibe mode. If the pedal is in Boost mode, this switch changes between Mono and Stereo mode acting as a stereo splitter. If the vibe mode is on (engaged with Effect On/Off footswitch) the switch changes between the tremolo sound of Standard mode and the vibe sound of Pitch mode.
    Odd/Even switch: This switch chooses between two different stereo vibe modes. In Odd mode the pulse of the vibe effect is timed differently in different channels, in Even mode the pulse is shared. Note: both outputs produce a different vibe effect (A stronger, B more mellow) and you can use either output also when playing with one amp.
  • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9VDC centre negative power supply.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA



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