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Strymon blueSky Reverberator

Maksa osissa alk. 11.40€/kk »

In stock: 4 pcs

Strymon blueSky gives you spring, room and plate reverb sounds in one compact package. Many different controls which give you a lot of room to maneuvre with sounds. Goes from traditional spring reverb sounds to U2/Edge soundscapes.

  • Controls:
    Decay: Sets the length of reverb.
    Mix: Controls the blend between dry and reverberated signal. Goes from 0% to 100%. Dry signal is kept 100% analog.
    Low Damp: Controls the amount of bass in the reverb signal. Cuts bottom end towards 5 o'clock.
    Pre-Delay: Sets the delay time before reverb hits the signal.
    High Damp: Controls the amount of high frequencies in the reverb signal. Gets darkder towards 5 o'clock.
    Stereo inputs and outputs.
    Favorite button: you can save your favorite setting behind this stomp button.
    Type switch: 3-position switch to choose the reverb type. Spring, Room and Plate reverb available.
    Mode switch: 3-position switch to add different textures to the reverb signal. Options: Norm (no extra effects), Mod (added modulation) and Shimmer (adds upper octave to the reverb).
  • Hidden controls (activate when Favorite and Bypass switches are pressed simultaneously):
    +/-3db Boost (under Mix control): Boosts or cuts output volume.
  • Power requirements: 2,1 mm 9 VDC centre negative, 250 mA. Power supply included with the pedal.
  • True Bypas or buffered bypass (user selectable)
  • Made in USA




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